Why Whiteboard Animation Videos Convert Viewers

Whiteboard Animation videos are a form of explainer video commonly used on social media, by fledgeling and veteran businesses to share their ideas, products, and services; they are very effective. In this segment, we will take a look at what makes whiteboard animation videos so great at converting viewers and customers from other brands.

Complex Products can be Broken Down and Explained

Whiteboards are traditionally used for educational purposes, and as such, in whiteboard animation videos, they can be used to effectively break down your product or service into smaller parts, in a way that is understandable by broad and specific audiences. In a call to action, whiteboard animation videos will direct viewers on how to begin using a service or product.

They are Engaging and Fun – Can be Relatively Long

Whiteboard animation videos don’t have to be boring! You can directly engage your audience, in a fun manner, while presenting your product. Used properly, you can keep a viewer’s attention longer with a whiteboard animation video than with a traditional explainer video.

You can Target Both Businesses and Consumers

No matter whether you are offering a product or service to consumers or other businesses, Whiteboard animation videos are an effective and efficient way to market your brand to viewers and consumers. Through the use of different tones and approaches, whiteboard animation videos are suitable for casual presentations, tutorials, attracting investors, offering products, and more!

Furthermore, whiteboard animation videos versatility allows for their placement practically anywhere. From company portals to promoted social media posts, to consumer blogs, to advertisements, whiteboard animation videos can now be found in all corners of the internet!

They Will Spread Through Word of Mouth and Social Media

With proper integration, whiteboard animation videos can be shared instantly to viewers’ friends and families. When engaging and relevant to viewers and their connections, they are likely to spread further. Whiteboard animation videos are ideal for explaining concepts to large audiences, as well as business communities, and viewers are empowered to use them to when explaining the same concepts to others. With a call to action, your product is just a click away from the viewers, and so is the option to make it visible to many more.

What’s more, if your whiteboard animation video has a strong script and good direction it can be an effective medium to share a powerful and memorable story. If viewers take note of the video, they will remember it. If the video, message, product, or service, is relevant to viewers they are likely to talk about it with co-workers and friends or share it online.


Whiteboard Animation Videos are exciting and entertaining explainer videos often used on social media, to share products, services, and platforms. They are great for breaking down complex products in engaging and fun presentations.

 Whiteboard animation videos can effectively target both business and consumer audiences, and are versatile in deployment. They spread on social media and can are placeable as advertisements on many websites. With a call to action, whiteboard animation videos enable your product, service, or cause, to be just a click away from an engaged audience.

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