Where to get free explainer video templates?

In the event that you are looking to create an explainer video, you may be looking for a place to start. One of those is where to get a free explainer video template. There are several places where you can find some very good templates for free. The reality is that many people are recognizing the importance of an explainer video.

Businesses today are taking advantage of all the wonderful benefits creating one delivers. Using an explainer video on your website will cause instant engagement with your audience. Recent data from surveys shows just how critical marketers feel explainer videos are for companies and websites. More than 75% of those using marketing tools believe explainer videos are must have. The benefits of explainer videos are far too many to ignore.

What You Need To Know About Explainer Videos

When you think of an explainer video, imagine it as a TV commercial created for an online page. Many companies are using them to help explain to their audience all about their services, brands or products. Since they cost so little to make, they are very popular. If that wasn’t enough, there is also how much they deliver when it comes to an increase in conversion rates.

Explainer videos are typically short stories told in using animation. Others use live action footage or 3D. They tend to vary as far as their length going from 30 seconds to about 2 minutes. There are some explainer videos which can be as long as 4 minutes though. However, most companies usually make them short – about 45 seconds – to keep make sure they don’t lose the attention of viewers.

People who are just launching their site or are on a budget, cannot afford to waste too much money on explainer videos. For those looking for ways to make cheap explainer videos, these free templates can help.

RawShorts.com –

You can make an awesome explainer video for free using this powerful tool. Rawshorts has an easy to use interface which utilizes the drag and drop feature. They let you try their program for free and give you several free templates as well. Additionally, you can find a specific template based on your industry or personal preference.

Wideo –

One of the best programs when it comes to helping you create awesome explainer videos is Wideo. While the software is not free, they offer users a 7-day trial. That will allow you to try it for free and have access to over 80 templates. Their simple to use drag and drop feature is great for people just starting out. It will make those without too much video creation knowhow, experts quickly. Wideo is renowned for having some of the best marketing video templates.

Video Hive – After Effects Project –

This website offers users a free download of their program. That will let you use several templates. You can also gain access to 33 animations, 20 characters, 3 stories and several other features. The explainer video toolkit allows users to create your explainer video fast and easy.

Animatron –

Making marketing explainer videos has never been easier than with Animatron as your instrument. The easy-to-use video editor comes full of amazing features. The program also lets you select from more than 100 cartoon characters. In order to get the explainer video templates for free, you will have to use their free trial option. Still, that is a small price – no pun intended – to pay for access to this awesome explainer video creator tool.

BlueFx After Effects Templates –

For companies or businesses who want an inexpensive or free way to showcase their brand, BlueFx has the solution. They provide free explainer video templates to users. Best of all, you don’t have to download any plugging. You can edit your logo, text and videos in the placeholder which is included.

GoAnimate –

Anyone who wants to make professional looking animated videos using a top rated program has to try GoAnimate. They are one of the most easy to use programs and have tons of feature. Although the explainer video software is not free, you get a 14-day trial. That will give you access to templates and characters and many other features. This tool is extremely helpful for those who want to create top rated animated explainer videos without spending too much money.

Many of these open source tools to create explainer videos will instantly put you on your way to creating your own. These are by far some of the best tools to make beautiful explainer videos. Best of all, the free trial offers let you try it and get an explainer video done without spending a dime. For companies or businesses who want to create top rated explainer videos, there are other options. Using a well respected video production company such as SquareShip is an alternative. With all the options out there, having your own company or brand’s explainer video, is easier than ever.

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