Free Themes Vs. Paid Themes On WordPress: What Are The Advantages?

There are tons of WordPress themes to choose from – which one should you use from the legion of themes online?

The WordPress landscape has undergone many shifts of changes in its ecosphere and it’s still in the process of evolution to adapt to the technological advancements and demands of the modern market. There have been many discussions or tirades as to whether one should use free themes or opt to go for paid or premium themes. While your gut feel would somehow guide you into choosing the paid WordPress themes, your experience of WP would somehow tell you otherwise.

In the war between free themes versus paid themes on WordPress, which one has the most perks or benefits for business or personal use? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each one? Here’s our take on pros and cons of free themes vs. paid themes on WordPress:

Free WP Themes


  • FREE to use.
  • You don’t need to buy it on the marketplace. You can find that right under Appearance on WordPress Admin.
  • This seems to work well with a lot of plugins as compared to premium ones.
  • Works under WordPress Best Practices to ensure quality and compatibility of apps and plugins.


  • Does not provide technical or customer care support.
  • Prone to risks or vulnerabilities in terms of security.
  • Themes may not be user-friendly or lack the awesome user experience provided by premium themes.
  • Lack updates.

Premium WP Themes


  • All premium themes have adequate email, forum, and phone support to assist you all the way.
  • Higher or superior quality of themes as compared to the free version.
  • Extra perks or advanced functionality of admin panels or plugin suites to help you configure and customize your site.
  • You are assured of high security standards with your premium themes.
  • Assured of regular updates.


  • Monthly or annual fees plus extra fees.
  • Do not always go under review or follow the industry’s best practices.
  • Premium themes could discontinue or stop the updates.
  • You tend to have a slower or lagging website.

The WordPress repository has a very diverse and large database of WordPress themes that you can get for free. You can check on the ratings and number of downloads to know how they are doing in terms of user experience and functionality. If you are a business that is just starting out and testing the waters, you may start with free themes which are very high-quality similar to paid themes.

If you want a simple and basic website that is functional for your brand then go for free ones. This may however lack the security and support you need which you can get from paid themes. While you may think that you are getting your WP themes for free, it might not be worth it in the long run. Paid themes may be your best bet if you are looking to build a successful and profitable business from the ground up.

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